Designed to help rehabilitate the injured or those with weaknesses, this has developed into the 1 stop shop for help in improving posture, strengthening the core being the main target area.  
The benefits are for everyone rather than just for rehabilitation. This is a great compliment to cardio workouts where you increase your heart rate and breath heavier as Pilates is not an aerobic workout.  
Ideal for those wishing to improve their core strength. 
Classes are designed to help everyone vfrom beginners to the more experienced as you can progress the moves to a level that suits you. 
Wear comfortable loose clothing. The class is done in socked or bare feet 
Bring a mat or purchase when you make your booking 

Hatha Yoga 

A relaxing class of 60 minutes that takes you through the classic yoga poses and concludes with a meditative state to help you escape the world for a short time. 
Bring a mat or purchase when you make your booking 
Sue McPhee Yoga Instructor, Stafford

Instructor - Sue McPhee 

Amanda Evans - Pilates Instructor, Stafford

Instructor - Phil McFarlane 

Diane Ralph - Yoga Instructor, Stafford

Instructor - Diane Ralph 

Equipment provided by The Northfield Centre, Magnolia Avenue, Stafford, ST16 3DU 
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