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It may have originated in the Americas but it is the most popular social dance style in the UK. As a social partner dance, this is a motivating form of exercise and a bonus that you are taking part with a new group of friends. It has even been proved that the combination of the music and moves are great if feeling a little low. It is even being prescribed in parts of the country for depression. 
Many people say that they 'can't dance', we say 'you just haven't been shown how. Come and join us for a wiggle and a giggle'. 
There are a number of Salsa dance styles in the world and we teach the 2 most popular which are LA Crossbody and Cuban Salsa. Learning the 2 styles will make you a more confident dancer! 

Rock n Roll  

Music from the 50's can bring lots of different images to mind and get you tapping your feet. We can teach you the different dance styles that suit the music. The dance style is the original street dance meaning that it evolved from the bars and dance floors of the time. Influences were the Americans following the war. Over time the dance has been formalised so that we can teach it in class but the spontaneity is still there as we teach you to lead and follow, rather than a sequence of moves. 

10 Reasons to learn to dance 

Not sure if you should take to the dance floor or not. Here are a few reasons you should 
Friendships. Your social cirle of friends will grow enourously as you meet so many new people in a short space of time. Dancing can change your social life completly as you start to go to dance evenings and parties. 
Builds confidence. This is all due to the constant interacting with people form the opposite sex as well as boosting your confiedence as you skill level improves. 
Can change your body shape. Taking part in a class or social event can be non-stop activity at a low intensity, which is perfect calorie burn. You will also find it can improve your posture. 
The feel good factor. A combination of the music and the physical activity can trigger your endorphin level. This increase in the chemical levels makes you feel great and lifted. 
Great talking point. This maybe with your current circle of friends or the new ones you are about to make.  
Dance is for everyone. It doesn't matter your background or past experiences, dance is for evryone as it is such a cheap activity to take part as you don't need any special equiment just the willingness to give it a go. 
Improves your coordination. It is just practise that brings this. It is fun going through the learning process - well it is with us. We are seetious about what we do but not when we do it. 
Keeps you young. The aerobic activity helps to improve or maintain your fitness levels. As well as mixing with people from different age groups. 
Emotional fitness. Dance is reported to combat stress and help depression. These can both be big enemies to the bodies emmune system. Building self-esteem through dance can be a life saver 
We can't think of any better way to spend your evenings! We look forward to meeting on the dance floor. 
I have loved learning to dance and now have a busy social life on the dance floor.  Thanks to Groove Academy!
I have loved learning to dance and have a busy social life thanks to Groove Academy. 
Steph, Stafford 2016 
Allie Browning, Salsa Instructor

Instructor - Allie Browning 

Kate Beauchamp, Instructor

Instructor - Kate Beauchamp 

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