Courses & Workshops 

All Courses & Workshops are held on Wednesday's from 8.35-9.35pm at the Northfield Centre, Stafford.  Booking is essential to ensure the room size and equal numbers  We also need to ensure equal leader/followers so booking essential 


This fun dance from the 1920's has an energy that is infectious. 
Has 'Strictly' inspired you to give this a go - always a giggle! 
Come along to learn the characteristic moves of the dance and then giggle away as we build a routine 

2 w/k course 3rd January 2018 £18 

Privilege/Advantage members 

Salsa Partner Work 

Become the ultimate dance partner by increasing your knowledge of the dance relationship. 
As a result you will find dancing with different partners easy and very enjoyable. 
Booking essential to ensure partners 

2 w/k course 17th January 2018 £18  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Lindy Hop/Swing - beginner/improver 

There will be 2 levels of dance in this group, beginner or improver. 
The Big Band music of the 1940's just makes you want to dance. The dance style of the time was Lindy Hop or Swing. Fun and cheeky, we will take on the character of the dance. 

4 w/k course 31st January 2018 £36  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Rock n Roll - Tricks & Dips 

So you like to dance Rock n Roll but you want to up the anti with some key moves. Just us for our tricks and dips workshop.  
This will be a physical class as there will be jumps and lifts. You will work with the same partner throughout the session. 
You need to be physically fit, if you have any concerns you may wish to discuss it first 

1 hr workshop 28th February 2018 £9  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Learn to Waltz - beginners 

Always wanted to learn to dance. Love the idea of floating around the dance floor. 
We will teach you a Waltz dance routine in just 4 weeks. 
You will take to the floor with confidence 

4 w/k course 7th March 2018 £36  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Salsa Threesome 

Do you already dance Salsa but find the ratio of guys to girls frustrating? We have a class teach a leader to satisfy to followers at the same time. Why not have double the fun with 2 women when you dance. 
You just need to know the basics of Salsa to join us. 

1 week workshop 4th April 2018 £9  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Ladies Styling 

Ladies, we want to teach you little tricks on when and how to look more stylish on the Salsa dance floor.. From body movement to armogrophy, we will build your dancing confidence. 

1 wk workshop 11th April 2018 £9  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Cha cha beginner/improvers course 

A lovely Latin dance that has a cheeky rhythm. 
In 2 weeks you will have a perfect routine to master on the dance floor. Ready in time for the new season of Strictly. 
We will be running a beginner & improver levels at the same time 
We do Cha cha as they do on the streets! 
Booking essential to ensure everyone has a partner. 

2 w/k course 18th April 2018 £18  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Argentine Tango beginner/improver course 

There will be 2 level of dance during this course so find your level. 
Learn how to take on the characteristics of this dramatic dance. We will teach you how to adopt the posture, learn how lead/follow and get around the dance floor. 

4 w/k course 2nd May 2018 £36  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Salsa Tricks 

So you feel confident on the dance floor but want to WOW your dance partners with some cheeky moves.... maybe even a lift or 2 

Workshop 31st May 2018 £9  

Privilege/Advantage members 

Social Foxtrot course 

Would you like to glide around the dance floor when the music kicks in? 
Simple steps, linked together to look spectacular. 

4 w/k course 6th June 2018 £36  

Privilege/Advantage members 

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